Vietnam Propaganda Posters

Propaganda Posters - What You Need To Know

Vibrant and passionate Vietnam propaganda posters look fantastic in our homes but also have a rich and fascinating history

While the wonderful artwork depicted on Vietnamese propaganda posters graces many homes as a stylish and bold focal point, Vietnamese propaganda posters are more than just beautiful pieces of art. Vietnamese art is just as important as the history books and the documented information of the era. The propaganda posters were used to spread communication, raise morale and invite patriotism.

Often considered focused on the war and freeing the land, Vietnamese propaganda posters went much further than that by promoting peace, supporting education and harnessing the country’s industry and agricultural potentials. In fact, they are still used today throughout the country to communicate to the people and to treasure this unique and iconic art style.

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1975 The Spring Reunification
Ho Chi Minh with Children

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